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iono [03 Jun 2005|07:18pm]
[ mood | confused ]

yea wow. a lot of people are putting their junior high crushes. wow. ok here we go.
7th-tucker, chris, jon, aldrin, keith
not like anyone knows any of those people...some of ya know keith
8th-nick, ralphie, allister

there. happy? now everyone knows. haha. i've been able to control how i like anyone after what happened with nick. i guess i have to suffer shit to learn from it. i'm like that. yes. stubborn. dont feel like typing anymore on this thing. be happy. i updated!

have fun in europe allister!

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ah.. [28 Feb 2005|08:55pm]
[ mood | bitchy pissed depressed hyper ]

i havent updated in forever...i'm getting lazy with the html on this thing...i want an enter sign! oh well
screw it...saturday wuz solo and ensemble..i got a 1...i wanted a 2 even tho dats worse..i juss didnt like my solo so i cud tell mr r see look..this is ur fault! buh noooo dat didnt happen...oh well..yesterday i went to anjalis house...i acted really retarded like most of the time..i'm so typical...lolll. iono if i'm gonna get the referral or not...i thnk they juss dun care nemore..its been a week..so i'm juss gonna assume that i'm not getting it. i feel happy now XD well i lied...i'm not happy. at all
thanks alaina for the cd! u kick ass! ha HA! well today i got bitched at by mr r cuz i wuz writing during the minute of silence and then i wuz sign languaging to alaina...it wuz so gay. i got pissed off tho cuz i dun like being bitched at...he told me to face the wall damn it! i talked to michael tho while i wuz supposed to be facing the wall so it wuznt dat bad...jeremy asked me out after school..and i sed yea...buh we blew it off on the phone...he noes i dun wanna do it really...buh iono...i wuz bored and i had notin better to do..haha well screw it. he doesnt love me nemore...i kinda figured it out a long time ago..buh i didnt say netin...i guess i never rmred to bring it up buh i asked him yesterday..and he told me...i made *someone else* feel guilty cuz that person did sumtin...well i dun think i shud have posted dat buh i'm too lazy to delete it now so juss dun ask bout it if u dunno..*chokes on spit* godd i hate it when dat happens...i might go to htown during the break...so i'm happy bout dat...i'm getting really lazy with my med high essay...i've been sitting on it for nearly a month...well i needed my report card buh now i have it...n i'm still procrastinating...someone needs to like come to my house and strap me on the chair and make sure i finish it...cuz i have a feeling i just wont do it. i'm so lazy XD u noe wut? i dunno wut to write nemore...too much has been going on lately...too much to post...cuz i cud go on and on and on...so i'll stop..heh

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owwiee [30 Jan 2005|06:02pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

woww the past few days have been seriously friggin busyy for me...well i'll start with friday cuz i dun feel like typin too much...well all the region ppl got to eat olive garden for lunch it wuz awesome cuz i stayed in band like the whole morning n then i went with alaina to duartes class n did nothin! buh dat wuz only like 10 min cuz then we went back to band to leave..@ olive garden i ate too much dat i cudnt finish so i wuz sadd cuz i wanted to eat my food...sooooo yummy!!! XD oh well then we got to go to the mall! i took $40 wit me buh i cudnt buy netin cuz there wuznt enough time n i cudnt try netin on..oh well it wuz still fun...like ryte before we left our group split up n becca called me to go meet @ spencers n i wuz like uhh buh we went n when we did jeremy wuz looking @ all these sickening posters...i wuz like er..then we were off to la joya for our first day of the region clinic we were jc for like 2 hours buh it wuz fun...ish when the clinic started it wuz sooooooooooooooooooo friggin BORING! i thought i wuz gonna die...when we got break my back wuz hurting like crap cuz i wuz sittin in the same fuckin position for more than an hour...when we were leaving i got really colddd n my mouth wuz hurtin like crap cuz of my stupid cnet...bleh..oh yea...i'm gonna kill jeremy cuz he broke my bracelet! WAH i feel so naked! T_T

ok now yesterday: a lot of shit happened dat i cant post cuz i dun want someone to noe...buh like i got really pissed off @ someone cuz someone is talking shit bout me n it gets me angry! godd i hate it when ppl act like control freaks n treat ppl like their bitch...geeez...annoyingness..well like we pretty much practiced the whole day...n my mouth hurted like hell n my teeth felt like they were gonna fall out....well it still feels like dat buh not as badd...me n alaina got pissed off @ like all the deleon ppl in concert band cuz ryte after we called ___(i'm not sure if i shud post the name cuz like yeaa) jeremy got maddd n like every1 wuz against us...really complicated...the concert went ok i guess...we played knights of dunvegan, quintology (awesome song), two irish sketches, and sumtin kinda patriotic ish i think it wuz called armed forces on parade. dun really rmr hehe we messed up a lott buh it wuznt as bad as the rehearsals...yeaa...ryte after the concert i saw andrea hehe n she gave me flowers! XD i felt speshol!!! thanks so much andrea! loll
well i seriously dun feel like going to school tomorrow...theres wayy too much shit to deal with..

karen gave me a site to fix up my lj...i'm getting really lazy with it tho cuz i'm like dat hehe buh when i get not lazy i hope i can get this shit to look better! hehe i gtg noww mom is getting pissed

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AGH [18 Jan 2005|07:34pm]
omg i'm soooo stupid! if like ne1 ever reads this n noes html can u please please please help me figure it out on lj cuz its so fuckin confusing!!! i'm really stupid..i spent hours figuring out n it dusn work! -___- woww its been a long time since i've updated i dunno y i bother cuz i dun think ne1 even reads this cuz most "smart" ppl go to my xanga! lol well i feel kinda angry...dun wanna post bout it cuz like i dun wanna hurt him...(i dun like ne1 so him dusnt refer to ne1 i like) buh if u wanna noe juss like ask if u dunno yet yea..i'm still kinda pissed off i hate it when ppl treat me like shit. goddd imma kick someones asss bleh..ok i'm tired of typing here now so i'll talk to whoevers on aim like for the millionth time i doubt ne1 will ever see this..
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htown [21 Dec 2004|05:46pm]
[ mood | i think ]

yay its winter break! i wudda updated on friday buh dats when i left for htown!!! ok well...first..email address changed: strangeliltara10@yahoo.com please email there so i can add u to my address book cuz like my old email is dead n i lost my whole fucking address book...dat made me sad. T_T htown wuz awesome! i didnt get to see a lot of my friends tho cuz a lotta them r out of town n crap...*sigh* it really sux dat i didnt get to see keith tho cuz i really miss him n hes likke my closest friend WAH! he almost came over to gwynnes house cuz i wuz there buh he had to go to some party with his parents...gay..ness. lol we kinda had a mini party @ gwynnes place...lol it always ends up @ her house lol. it wudda been @ mine buh theres like nothin in my old house. omg when i went home it wuz like i never left n i seriously didnt wanna leave again. i miss htown so fuckin much..i seriously wish i cud go home. n now since jeevitha n pranitha r goin to cs i cud like visit them n stuff! bleh...my parents will never lemme go home neway so dat sux. -___- after gwynnes house shelly came over to mine n we were bein such dorks like usual! my parents wantedd to take us somewhere n then my dad took a wrong turn so we ended up goin all around htown n downtown n stuff so we saw a lotta awesome crap! buh we were in the car for like 4 hours!!!! it wuz fun tho. like when we stopped to eat @ a restaraunt (uhh i didnt spell dat ryte i think lol) like some guy soccer team wuz there n like they were starin @ me n shelly n shelly yells out "i think theyre checking us out!" n i wuz like SHUT UP!!!! buh there wuz this one dude who wuz FUCKING HOT!!! well...he had really sexayy hair! omgg i wuz like woww...n i love this:
fionne: leo decaprio is gay he has a bf
gwynne: omg leo decaprio is gay??? OMG i cant believe he has a bf!!!!
god dat wuz hilarious!!!
a lotta stuff happened @ htown tho...dun have time to post bout everytin cuz i gotta clean my room for tomorrow! haha...n its prolly still gonna be messy buh i'll try...*cough cough* loll i still dunno who some of the anonymous pplz r dat posted on nicks lj....i really wanna noe tho! haha i think i noe who tho buh i'm not sure..too hard to tell when its anonymous...DUH! i'm stupidddd haha. ok i'm gonna like go eat ice cream now cuz i'm super hungriee...i'll post more later if i feel like it

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... [07 Dec 2004|09:21pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

u guys r gonna HAVE to read my xanga...cuz like there is NO friggin way i'm typin all dat depressing crap bout nick again...its bad enough..iono...bleh...juss go http://xanga.com/optimismrox thanks a bunch! it means a lot to me if u read it..especially nick..its kinda important...n confusing...-__- well gotta bounce now...*sighs*

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boredom... [05 Dec 2004|08:49pm]
[ mood | bored ]

goddd i'm sooo friggin boredd ryte now..my dad wants me to go to sci tech next year..buh my mom still wants me to go to med high cuz of nick goin to sci tech n crap...i'd rather go to sci tech tho..med high seems boring...all the awesomer ppl r gonna be @ sci tech...n i dun wanna leave vibha alone with ____. cant post name...iono if she even has lj buh juss in case...yea. omg..i havent talked to nick since foreverrr...he wuz on aim from his cell today..n yesterday buh he like didnt reply..*sigh* yayy keith n emmo r gettin cells!!! well...emmos gettin verizon..so like wutta loser *cough* LOL..no mobile to mobile...keith dusn noe yet...buh i hope he gets cingular like me!! XD i doubt it tho...i hate cingular buh i'm stuck with them for like another year. bleh..-___- wowww...every1 sed i changed compared to last yearr...i didnt think i changed much except for less hyper..dats kinda....scary. like ryte now my poll results (on my aim pro) are : changed: 22 not changed: 1 dunno: 1...is it a bad change or a good one??? godd dats gonnna be like my next poll or sumtin. lol..i feel really boredd so i'm juss typin up random stuff. i wuz listening to the banana phone song!!! i LUV DAT SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! its so awesomee. mai like got me all obsessed with it. i didnt noe dat it is never ending so i like listened to it for like two hours n memorized the friggin song before i realized dat it repeats...loll. i'm slow like dat..i cant believe i never got annoyed of dat song. omgg rk n ___ broke up..so saddd..omgg this wuz like really scaryy...earlier today shirley called me n she wuz CRYING!!!! it wuz soooooooo fuckin scary cuz shirleys usually like a happy person...i didnt noe wut to say...she wuz askin me on how she shud kill herself n i wuz like u cant diee!!! i dun think she wuz serious tho bout killing herself...she has a pretty awesome life..compared to mine..mine is reallly shitty. i wanna kick someone really badd ryte now..besides the person dat vibha noes bout..*cough* this ones a dudeee i wanna kick damn it...he shudnt make _____cry. wuta dumbass. *glares* well...i gotta bounce now...sectionals tomorrow EARLY morning

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dun wanna go to school tomorrow... [28 Nov 2004|07:43pm]
[ mood | tired ]

godd i i'm sad now cuz break is over as of tomorrow. bleh i have sectionals in the morning n crap...i hate waking up early..today wuz like my hw day n i've been reading the wholee day damn it! i hate reading...takes too long...i think my book reports like due tomorrow n i dun even noe wut i'm supposed to do...oh well..i'm so screwed. -___- i feel bad cuz i didnt get to call back shirley yet n i fionne kept getting dc when she called me so it sucked. =( my aim is still screwed up..godd i have to restart my comp like 500 times to get on n crap..it really sux..i'm soo sleepy right now cuz reading makes me tired. *yawns* woww all my fwends in htown have been saying dat i've like changed a lot compared to last year...i never knew i changed dat much...iono if dats a good or bad thing...*sigh* i seriously cant wait until winter break..i really need it...schools like driving me crazy cuz theres wayy too much shit to do..bleh. i'm soooooo boreddd...>.< its been the longest time since i've gotten to talk to nick...dat makes me sadd...i seriously miss him...*sighs* imma bounce now...gotta readdd more 20 pages left! n then do crap..(not literally...ewww)

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finally...a break [23 Nov 2004|09:33pm]
yayy!! i'm so glad we have break..if i were still in htown i wudda already been on break..*sighs* i dun even get y i update this thing...no1 noes i have an lj yet neway..well i juss told vibha ryte now..hehe...yea..well dats one person..hehe...omgg katherines turning punk!!!! dats juss scary...jeremy asked me to the movies today..i dun get y he wastes his time with me...he noes dat i dun like him n crap geez...losers these days..i just might start using this cuz every1 dat lives here (mcallen) has lj n crapp...if i were them i'd switch to xanga cuz its a hell of a lot better cuz u get more for free n they accept html n cool crap so u can make it look awesome! xD vibha sez i shud make dat i <3 nick thingy in my first post a song
oOVeebsOo: u should make that song
oOVeebsOo: and it'll become famous
oOVeebsOo: and then u and nick will become famous singers/actors/i dunno what else
UnhappyxxEnding: n drive ppl insane!
UnhappyxxEnding: LOL!!!!!
UnhappyxxEnding: wowww
oOVeebsOo: and then i'll see u at the oscars!!
UnhappyxxEnding: i get to sing i <3 nick
oOVeebsOo: woo hoo
UnhappyxxEnding: hahaahha
oOVeebsOo: haha
UnhappyxxEnding: woww...i'd feel...so..................rich?
oOVeebsOo: yuppp
UnhappyxxEnding: by annoying ppl!!!!
UnhappyxxEnding: hahah
oOVeebsOo: haha
oOVeebsOo: but then u might get sued for causing brain damage
UnhappyxxEnding: LOL!!!!!!!
oOVeebsOo: so then ur gonna have to flee america and hide out in africa
oOVeebsOo: but then u'll make the song again, except it'll be in a different language

shes so hilarious!!!! i luv dat girl!!! :D

on a totally different topic..today wuz the student/faculty volleyball game...i went cuz i didnt wanna go to history cuz i didnt study for the test n crap..students lost tho...buh it wuz ok...jeremy wuz sittin by me n he kept TOUCHING me!!! EW! godd...yea..vibha decided to search n gooogle n learn swahali! LOL!!!! school dresscod=gay!!!! theyre gonna ban pink!!!! fuck i have so many friggin shirts dat r pink damn it!! -__-i'm juss glad its break! i get to do w/e i want for a while!!! xD i seriously miss nick now....well...i have missed him foreverr buh its been like friggin long since i got to talk to him n crap =( it made me really sadd when he couldnt go to the diwali thingy...i really wanted to see him...*sigh* i hate my life...everytin gets so complicated n hardd! =( i hate not talking to nick...i still think of him like in the middle of the night n crap n juss hope dat i might get lucky enough to see him somewhere...*sighs* do i hope too much? *more sighs* imma bounce now..cuz iono wut to write..
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pissed off... [22 Nov 2004|07:15pm]
geez..i stilll dun like livejournal dat much cuz it like wont accept ne of my html..o well..*sighs* theres notin i can do bout dat except for let my lj look like crap. i'm still pissed off bout wut some ppl *cough* keep sayin bout nick...i feel like i'm gonna like kill someone cuz they keep talkin bad bout him...i noe dat none of the shit is true tho..n no1 can ever make me stop lovin him!!!! XD its not fair...all my htown friends have like no school this whole friggin week n i gotta go to school today n tomorrow before break! damnn mcallen schools...stupid jeremy kicked my butt today...literally n i got pisssed off @ him...godd wuts with ppl pissin me off lately?? imma bounce gotta eat..i love u nick!!!!
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hatin this... [19 Nov 2004|06:10pm]
[ mood | irritated ]

life....crap...live journal...SUPER GAY!!!! godd...it accepts like NO html...i wuz tryin to put in some codes n like it wont accept netin!!!
-__- this really pisses me off....well....i'll like update more later cuz like ljs supper confusing too so like i dunno where to put stuff..cuz everytin looks like crap i like xanga better! well...since i have notin to write....i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick i <3 nick....ok...u like get the idea...i have like no life....dat i <3 nick stuff is making me dizzy now buh its true!!! i fuckin miss him!!! T_T imma bounce now

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